Riccardo Lucietti: from the romanian steppe to the Dehesa

Riccardo will be the new coordinator of Los Campanarios de Azaba, the SKUA Nature estate in Castilla y Leon.

Riccardo LuciettiWe are really happy to announce that after 4 months of hard work between Romania and Spain, Riccardo Lucietti will be the new Coordinator of Los Campanarios de Azaba.

When in the late August 2015 he arrived from Rome to Ultima Frontiera after a long Danubian travel on a ferry to start his training at Ultima Frontiera, he probably do not understood what he was going to live: many weeks of hard job in the middle of the pure wilderness. During that period Riccardo had to learn a lot about this amazing job and had the opportunity to express his deep passion for nature and photography; he worked together with the guides during their activities (excursions, use of the hides…) and with the coordinator.

Now that he successfully completed his training for SKUA we are really happy to include him in our team.

Congratulation Riccardo, welcome in our network.






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