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Times ago a very good friend of mine that was aware of my crazy habits of waking up at incredible hours, of staying alone in a freezing photographic hide at a few km from the North Pole, of eating very bad food just to keep me alive,.. asked me: why are you doing all that? After a few seconds of embarrassing silence i replied to him: the search of the beauty, because Nature is beauty!

The team of the INNATE Photographers surely is also this; a group of around 10 people gathered and unite together by a deep passion for nature and by the research of the beauty that is inside that.

People with different jobs, different age, coming from different regions and culture, put together by their passion for our naturalistic heritage and the desire of capture in images its life cycle.

The very hot temperatures of july in the delta, the terrible mosquitos, the freezing temperature of the Norvegian spring and the sleeping time lost while waiting for the Genet in Spain do not stop them;

freeze the moment, blending colours, enlighten the river of life with wing beats that warm up the heart and make it immortal.. the images that the INNATE Photographer search for are mainly and also that.

Written by Massimo Piacentino – INNATE Photographers’ coordinator

INNATE Photographers’ pictures can be find in the INNATE Network Photo Gallery at this link:



The INNATE Photographers organize travels and expeditions to the photographic estates included in the Network, in different Countries.

Next dates are:

  • 2-9 July 2016 = Photographic expedition to ULTIMA FRONTIERA estate, in the wildest part of the majestic Danube Delta in Romania.

Video of the estate:…

Few available places. An experience not to be missed, with our INNATE photographers Cristiano Pedriali and Marino Premoli as tour leaders.

For info and bookings:



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