The INternational NATure Estates network – INNATE – is a really ambitious project managed by SKUA Nature, in partnership with the Fundacion Naturaleza y Hombre. The project aim to create a complex network of international areas developed for ecological tourism and conservation/reintroduction project. At this moment the network comprend Italy, Romania, Spain, Latvia, for the next years a wide expansion is expected in Europe with, probably, the first extra european estates.

SKUA Nature Group has created and manages the first project of Nature Reserves entirely developed for and dedicated to Nature Tourism and Nature Photography. A new kind of offer, different from a simple itinerary in a destination or a photographic session in a hide, it’s a world entirely conceived and organised for nature lovers.

Our team also works in different countries in the creation of nature itineraries for territorial enhancement, independently or in collaboration with local agencies and authorities, to provide great birding and logo skuaNEWphotographic expeditions in remote and evocative places with the support of the most experienced group in Europe in this field.

From North to South, from East to West, the Network aims to include the best and exclusive nature areas of all Europe and more, to gather them and strengthen their preservation. A large Network, made to photograph and observe all the target species of the different countries and to have the opportunity to develop useful and concrete conservation and research actions to preserve these beautiful but fragile areas.



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